What we do

 Actuarial Expertise & Related Services

Main Services for the Retirement Systems and Employee Benefits

Retirement Systems & Pension Funds

  • Actuarial Valuations
  • Assessment of system’s medium and long-term financial sustainability 
  • Assessment of system’s real cost and cost evolution
  • Planning and Strategy Development in relation to:

                    Funding and investment policies

                    Financing and cost sharing policy between stakeholders

                    System’s Risk Management

  • Policy Advisory
  • Structural and Parametric Reforms Strategies and Consensus Building
  • Design, Feasibility and Cost Analysis for New Schemes
  • Involvement on Management/Admin Systems Review and GAP Analysis

Employee Benefits and Human Capital

  • IFRS & USGAAP Compliance for Post-Employment Obligations such as End‑of‑Service Benefits Provision
  • Design, Cost and Adequacy Assessment of Reward & Employee Benefits Programs
  • Savings Schemes
  • Group Insurance Programs
  • Long-Term Incentive Programs
  • Executive Compensation
  • Redundancy and Termination Programs
  • Communication development targeting different stakeholders to ensure improved understanding and appreciation of the programs’ complexities, specificities and value
  • Program Administration
  • Admin Tools Development

Main Services for the Insurance Industry

  • Actuarial Reserving Valuations for Life and Non-Life Insurance Portfolios
  • Advanced Experience & Profitability Analysis
  • Pricing Review & Rate Making
  • Product Development
  • Business Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Condition Reporting
  • IT & Systems Diagnostics
  • Process Mapping & Efficiency Enhancement